July 25, 2015: Owls Head

The days would be getting shorter soon so I decided to tackle another long one while there was still enough day light left in the day to do it.  Owls Head is infamous for being a really long hike with no view at the top but a really “nice” scramble to the summit, sounded perfect!


The trail starts at Lincoln Woods which is a very long but straight and flat hike that some people even bike.  I got to pass all sorts of fellow hikers, bikers, baby strollers, and pooches before finally getting to where the trails for Owls Head and Bond Cliff split off onto their lonesome paths to isolation(not the mountain).



After taking my trail towards the owl, things got a little unnerving as the trail gets a little narrow before joining a river which it runs along for a good portion of the hike.  After following the river for a ways and finally crossing a couple tributaries, the trail climbs away adn I knew it was almost time for the mad scramble up the slide.

IMG_0956 IMG_0960 IMG_0967

The slide starts as a trickle but I was soon completely exposed on a river of gravel and boulders strewn onto the face of the summit and posing as a trail. Once I got out into the open, I realized there were about 20 other hikers in my vicinity which was kind of a shock. I ended up hiking with one large group for most of the way which made me feel a little better know there was someone below to break my fall.

IMG_0975 IMG_0981 IMG_0986

The slide was actually a little more extreme than I thought it was going to be, probably because i’m terrified of heights, not a common fear in hikers believe it or not, and I was happy to finally reach the summit trail and back into the forest.


There is a  false summit that attempts to deceive the unwary traveler, but I was well prepared for this trickery after reading my handy White Mountain Hiking Guide(ding ding).  I simply breezed right by it and continued on the trail that eventually brought me to the crowded true summit.  I plopped down for some much need rest and beef jerky before taking some pictures and starting back towards the slide with a cringe.  17 down, 11 to go!!