August 5, 2013: Mount Garfield

I finally decided to give Garfield a whirl after all the rave reviews I have heard about it over the years.  It was pretty windy with an early fall chill lurking at the top as I set out at the bottom for my hike.


Garfield starts off like most mountains with your typical trees and dirt and even the occasional blow down trying to block your way forward.  I braved all three of these hazards though as I made solid progress towards the top and even passed a few slow pokes along the way.

IMG_3960 IMG_3968

According to my handy White Mountain Hiking Guide(ding ding), there was a series of long switch backs that would guide me to the promised land of the summit.  I did eventually reach these switchbacks and found they were indeed very long much to my chagrin.


After switching around for a while, I finally straightened myself out for the final push to the summit.  After reaching the tease known as the ridge trail….I continued on before meeting up with some through hikers who were passing through on their way to God knows where.


I made the final push to the summit which has the remains of a building foundation on it which made it slightly more difficult than usual to access the high point.  After circling around, I chose my spot wisely and breached the fort t bag Garfield much to Odie’s delight.  19 down, 29 to go!!

IMG_4003 IMG_4011 IMG_3999 IMG_3996

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