July 18, 2015: North Tripyramid

After my harrowing run in with the bear on Middle Tripyramid a could weeks ago, you would think I would have picked a peak far far away this time but nope….I decided to return to the scene of the scare and take down the northern Trip.


This time I decided to take the Pine Bend River Trail which is the shorter route when going to the northern peak and has less signs of bears.  The day started off gloomy and drizzly which just added to me apprehension since there wwas lots of strange noises from all the dripping water  I decided to lite the after burners down low since the trail was pretty flat but this soon turned out to be a mistake as I finally started to climb.



Things got extremely steep as i climbed up the ravine, and the misty weather was not making things any easier.  My only consolation was that the bears were probably too smart to be out and about in this weather.  After some excruciating hiking. i finally broke out of the ravine and onto the ridge trail.



Things got pretty flat with a few ups and downs before I finally reached the wooded in summit of North Tripyramid….not that there would have been much of a view anyways with all the clouds.  After taking a soggy break, I was on my way back down again and on the lookout for my furry friends.  36 down, 12 to go!!!!

IMG_0893 IMG_0895 IMG_0898

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