July 29, 2013: Mount Pierce

I decided it was time to go after another presidential mountain but was not yet feeling cocky enough for one of the bigger ones, so I settled on Mount Pierce.  It was a nice Monday so I figured I would have the mountain mostly to myself but that was wishful thinking as every summer camp in the world seemed to have picked Mount Pierce as their Monday field trip.


I joined the crowds making their way up the trails and things were actually pretty easy for a presidential.  The only real hard part on the first half of the hike was dodging around all the people breaking for lunches in the middle of the trails.  Better people than bears though I thought as I gave my bear spray a reassuring pat.


I eventually came to a split in the trail and new it was time to pull out my handy White Mountain Hiking Guide(ding, ding).  I could either go left which was shorter or….I never actually saw the rest since I immediately veered left and continued onwards to my goal.


The path forward was moderately easy and I finally breached the tree line and was surprised to see I was already at the summit.   I stopped at a nice little viewing area before heading up the short remainder to the summit which somehow found itself wooded in on a bald summit.  After some Doritos and meditation….I retraced my steps to the car.  18 down, 30 to go!!!!

IMG_3921 IMG_3926 IMG_3930

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