August 7, 2016: Mount Adams

I decided it was time to take down another tall one, so I made my way back to the presidential range to tackle Adams.  The trail starts off from the Appalachia parking lot and I knew I was in trouble when the ranger on duty there told me they were forecasting 60 mph winds on the summit.


Glad I had packed some long sleeved shirts, I started off onto the airline trail which does not stay below tree line for very long.  As soon as I got above the trees, I was almost knocked down by the force of the howling winds.


I passed a nervous hiker who had turned back because of the winds but I was not yet ready to make that drastic call yet.


i got over a small crest and came to the fork that leads right to the summit and left to the hut.  The wind here was ferocious so I decided to wait a couple minutes hoping to see someone come down so I would know the way ahead was safe.


After about 10 minutes of swaying in the wind, I decided to just go for it but my enthusiasm was short lived as I panicked and headed back.  I decided to go sit at the hut for a few minutes to gather my wits. I ran into a lady here who claimed to have just come from the summit so I threw my pack back on for added weight and returned to the trail for a second attempt.


This one went a little more smoothly as I actually continued on into the wind and clouds and felt a little foolish when I got up on the ridge trail only to realize there were many foolish people out and about and even one pooch bagging his 48th!


After some up and downs, geographically and mentally, I finally reached the summit where I was honored to be chosen as the picture taker of said pooch.  After spending some time in a crevice, I once again ventured out into the howling winds to head back down. 46 down, 2 to go!!!!