September 12, 2011: Grand Teton

During the night I had very vivid dreams about bears using cell phones, so upon wakening I strapped on my bear spray holster and declared to the waitress at breakfast that we were heading for Signal Mountain and not to wait up.  Before leaving, I told my pet deer to keep an eye on things and then we were off. We drove up the mountain blowing by bicyclists who had obviously lost their minds and found ourselves at the top surrounded by an excellent view and one gigantic cell phone tower.

After enjoying the view and the nearby cell tower for a bit, we decided to head down again and drove a little ways down the road to Leigh Lake. We set off for a hike along the shore line and for some reason my bear sense really came alive here, and I did the entire hike with my bear spray out of its holster with my finger on the trigger.  The hike went off without any problems though, besides a few other adventurers almost getting sprayed by an unnerved hiker with the same name as me.  We made it about half way around before heading back the other way for a picnic near the safety of our car.

After our delicious lunch of sandwiches and beef jerky, we headed down the road a little to the outlook viewing area of Jenny Lake where we utilized the outlook to catch some nice views.

It was starting to rain at this point and we debated for a little while on whether we should start singing but eventually decided not to.  Instead, we decided to go catch a movie in the visitor center which also happened to be on the opposite side of the park and thereby completed our park wide tour.  Got a couple nice glimpses of the Tetons in the clouds before heading back to the cabin area.

We had a nice dinner to commemorate our last night in Grand Teton National Park and after poking around in the gift shop, we headed back to the lodge to catch some Monday night football which was a profitable night for one of us.  After this, the moon guided us back to the cabins where I ultimately lit my fireplace on fire and called it a night.

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