September 19, 2015: South Twin

After a 3 week  vacation in Florida, it was once again time to hit the trails for another 4,000 footer.  I decided to go with a random pick and South Twin was what came out of the hat although I was rooting for Gryffindor.  I saddled up with some snacks and water and hit the trail a little rusty from my trip.



I had settled on the Gale River Trail since it had the most direct route to the summit.  However, about 20 minutes in, I got a text from my sister suggesting this wasn’t such a great idea.  Apparently the last mile is brutal as I would soon learn.


The good news was that the beginning of the trail was quite easy.  I was able to make great time and passed a few people going up and up some coming down.  The Gale River Trail also goes up to Galehead hut so there was lots of traffic to ward off any fears of bear encounters.

IMG_2071 IMG_2080

About a quarter of a mile below the hut, things started to get interesting as the trail took off vertically.  I labored up to the ridge trail and after glancing off to my right at the hut activities, I took off towards this brutal last mile I kept hearing about.

IMG_2082 IMG_2085


The brutal stretch turned out to be not hype, but underrated! It was absolute agony as the trail climbed about 1000 feet in just 1 mile.  Luckily but stupidly, I hadn’t eaten much or I probably would have lost it heading up and I had to take a seat at the minor summit before the true one but I eventually slugged through it to the top.  I took plenty of time to regain my strength(and will) before leaving the panorama views to head back down. 38 down, 10 to go!!

IMG_2093 IMG_2095 IMG_2096

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