September 20, 2011: Washington DC to Home

I woke up to the sad realization that my vacation would soon be over.  Apparently the sky was upset too as it was absolutely pouring on the last day of my trip, but this wasn’t going to stop me from my typical end of vacation routine.

I set out at a moderate walk to my old friend the Lincoln Memorial where I wanted to say good-bye for another year.  Although my walk was at a calm pace, my saturation was building to a crescendo as I blew by the Washington Monument and hit the home stretch to Honest Abe.

A couple hundred soggy steps after the ww2 monument(which looked wetter than me), I reached the finish line of my 2011 trek.  From hereon out, it would be transporting myself home so after promising Abe that I would write, I jumped in a cab and kindly asked the driver to deposit me at Union Station after we picked up my bags.

The train back to Boston wasn’t crowded at all which was a pleasant surprise and the sun came out just in time for a nice urban sunset as we moved past New York City and onto home.

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