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  • I came to it at last, the great hike of my time……or in other words, the final hike to finish off my 4000 footer journey.  I made sure to arrive extra early so I wouldn’t have to rush through the hike and/or […]

  • I was down to 2 peaks left on the list, Isolation and Bondcliff.  Since I was saving Bondcliff for number 48, it was a no brainer to tackle Isolation.  This would be my second attempt at this peak, my first a […]

  • I decided it was time to take down another tall one, so I made my way back to the presidential range to tackle Adams.  The trail starts off from the Appalachia parking lot and I knew I was in trouble when the […]

  • It was time to knock down another bond.  I grabbed my top secret hiking pack and headed for the trails for another doozy.  West Bond is almost exactly the same hike as Mount Bond except for the last mile or so.   […]

  • It was time for the big one.  I had been saving this one for towards the end of my list so with the weather looking pretty good, I set off to take down Washington.

    I arrived at the Ammonoosuc Ravine T […]

  • I had a tough decision before me.  Do I take the flume side trail and risk breaking my neck, or don’t take the nice and easy trail leaving from Lincoln Woods?

    Being afraid of heights definitely factored […]

  • This was another mountain that would be sharing it’s trail with its northern brother which I had already done before.  This one was a few years in between though so my memory of it had long gone […]

  • Another week and another Hancock.  I decided to return to the same location as the following week so I could complete taking down both the Hancocks.


    The trail would be the same for the majority of t […]

  • I had been waiting for the ice slabs to melt for a couple weeks and Memorial Day weekend finally seemed like the time to “spring”.  I chose North Hancock since it seemed like a fairly easy one to tackle as my […]

  • I decided to head back to the scene of the agony but this time veer off towards the smaller Galehead before things got too painful.  The trail had surprisingly not changed much in the couple weeks since I had […]

  • After a 3 week  vacation in Florida, it was once again time to hit the trails for another 4,000 footer.  I decided to go with a random pick and South Twin was what came out of the hat although I was rooting for G […]

  • The days would be getting shorter soon so I decided to tackle another long one while there was still enough day light left in the day to do it.  Owls Head is infamous for being a really long hike with no view at […]

  • After my harrowing run in with the bear on Middle Tripyramid a could weeks ago, you would think I would have picked a peak far far away this time but nope….I decided to return to the scene of the scare and take […]

  • This was a hike for the ages.  I was up in the area for the 4th so I decided to take another peak off the list and chose the Middle Tripyramid since it “seemed” like one of the easier ones left on my list. […]

  • It was time for me to attempt one of the longer mountains of the 4,000 footer list so I chose the longest of them all….Mount Bond.  I knew I was in for a tough day when I read in my handy White Mountain Hiking […]

  • I had given my legs two weeks to heal from the first hike of the season and it was time to break them down again before they got too big for their britches.  I wanted to close out the Wildcat range so I focused in […]

  • ThumbnailWith visions of rotten snow, I turned my eyes northwards and headed up to the mountains for my first hike of the year.  I wanted to pick something short and easy which was no easy task as my list is getting as […]

  • ThumbnailI decided to head back to the Franconia Range for another hike up to one of the peaks on the ridge.  This time I chose the king of the range…Mount Lafayette.  I started off around 11am and the Old Bridal Path […]

  • ThumbnailFour score and 7 years ago, I set forth on a hike to my favorite range, Franconia Notch. I was up in the area for a weak and needed to stay close to home base so I decided to scratch Lincoln off the list.

    <a […]

  • ThumbnailIt was time to head back to the presidential’s and I settled on Madison to be my return target.  I headed over to the trail head around 11 and was off and hiking before the bears knew what hit them.

    The […]

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