August 16, 2014: Mount Moriah

Since summer was starting to wind down and I was well off my pace from last year, I wanted to start a barrage of hiking every weekend to wind up my summer hiking.  For the first hike, I decided to go after Moriah since it was a long drive and I still had plenty of day light to work with.  I got to the trail head around noon and set off on my hike.


Moriah is really a tail of two trails as the lower half had almost no rocks while the upper half was one giant slab of rock hiking.  I breezed through the first half and was surprised when I found myself already at Mount Surprise which is really just the beginning of the slab sorrows on Mount Moriah.  There was a few other groups stopped here so I took a quick break and moved on.


Things got really interesting in the slab section.  According to my handy White Mountain Hiking Guide(ding, ding), it could even become dangerous on the slabs when wet.  I cast a weary eye at the overcast skies and picked up my pace a bit.  After some quality gasping time, I finally made it to the ridge trail that actually had some glimpses of dirt before making my finally assault on the summit.

IMG_2165 IMG_2164

The summit had a nice panorama where you could actually see for 360 degrees around.  I enjoyed some relaxing time before heading back down to beat the rain that seemed headed my way.  26 down, 22 to go!!



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