June 25, 2016: Mount Flume

I had a tough decision before me.  Do I take the flume side trail and risk breaking my neck, or don’t take the nice and easy trail leaving from Lincoln Woods?


Being afraid of heights definitely factored into my decision and I set off along the nice flat trail at Lincoln woods that took me to the start of the trail that would ascend to flume.


It was smooth sailing until I came across a dead squirrel in the middle of the trail that looked like it had been meant as someone’s dinner.  With visions of bears in bibs, I quickly doubled and even tripled my pace to put some distance between us.


With frequent glances backwards, I finally reached the fork in the trail that meets the people climbing up the break neck flume slide trail.  I’m not sure which of us looked more terrified, but we all continued on the short distance to the top of flume.


I enjoyed a few quiet moments on top with the nice views and the crowds.  After seeing one woman put her small dog in her backpack for the hike down…..I knew it was time to head out myself. 43 down, 5 to go!!!!

image image

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